Project Oyster is a student-run podcast that aims to connect people through the power of storytelling.



Project Oyster is a podcast that was first published in 2018 by three high school juniors in the BEAM program at Henry M. Gunn High School. The mission is simple: to help people form emotional connections and find strengths in their vulnerabilities through the power of storytelling. Each episode features a current high school student or alumnus who speaks on their experiences with mental health, or just tells a story of any relatable anecdote. Since the start of Project Oyster, it has been featured in multiple local news outlets, including ABC7, and the podcast's producers have been recognized by the YMCA as 2020 Asset Champions with the "UPstander" dedication and recognized by the Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Board as the 2020 "Young Movers and Shakers" for their dedication in Project Oyster's mission.


Hanna Suh

Hanna is a student of NYU's class of 2024. She believes podcasting is powerful because it brings students together.

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Sophia Lu

Sophia is the main anchor of Project Oyster and studying at USC, class of 2024. She sees value in sharing stories through podcasting because it unites students through common struggles.


Vardaan Shah

Vardaan is a student of Boston University's class of 2024. Vardaan enjoys producing Project Oyster as he enjoys meeting new people and learning about their experiences.